Friday, February 18, 2011


Today I couldn't stop thinking about living on Caplewood with Sara and Davis Ann. With the weather being 78 degrees I found myself longing to be on that porch drinking crystal light, with a book in hand, and one of my roommates sitting next to me. Then, I started thinking about how I romanticize the past. We all do. I forget about the bee's that would swarm around us and our obnoxious neighbors who would cuss every 5 minutes causing us to go in after a very short time. I wouldn't change those times for anything (and still wish I could hang out with them anytime I wanted) but I do have to realize that good times and even better times are still to come. I will have those moments here in this, what still seems to me, a strange city. I just have to create them. God has so much in-store for us here. This I know is truth. Matthew and I have been in search for our 'gem'. That coffee shop, the place for serenity, the place where we go to pray, the spot where we will hang our hammocks, and the road I will go drive on just because it makes me feel at home.

In celebrating the day I got a hair cut, listened to Arcade Fire, and got a Tazo Passion Tea from Starbucks.
I think I may have found the place I get my hair done here. I didn't have to tell Zarah what I wanted. She cut and it was perfect. I thought I was getting pretty good at cutting my own bangs but somehow she managed to make them even better.
Hairdresser check. Now to discover all those other things :)
(Don't make fun of my 'emo' picture I took myself. Thought you'd want to see my hair the last time it will look this good.)
(One more thing: Yes, I did change my blog header. I think it fits better.)

Psalm 23:5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.


tlogank said...

I 100% agree with how we romanticize our past situations, especially when struggling to recreate similar ones in our current circumstances. Good blog!

sandra king said...

love it.
and love your haaair cut.
fancy shmancy.

davis ann said...

i sat on the porch at caplewood with mary lynn today. the neighbors were still annoying, but the bees aren't out yet. trying to learn the same things as you- embracing where i am.

i like you and i miss you.

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