Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today it is rainy.
Really rainy. I don't have to work and decided I would read, maybe drink some tea, write some letters I'm super behind on, organize/clean my closet, and may even clean the bathroom ;) This morning I saw a few pictures of me wearing clothes that are now no where to be found. I hate that, don't you? I always lend.. always lose. I left things in Alabama including my jewelry. It was hard to gather everything I wanted in the move.  In the end these things don't matter but I would love to find and get them back. I'm hoping during my 'cleaning' I will find things I thought I left. That is my wishful thinking for the day. Cleaning does make me happy most of the time. Organization leaves me feeling not so scattered.
On a side note.. We got a workout video for our Xbox. Maybe after I do the workout today, the endorphins will be running, and I'll look like the gal in the picture below.. happily playing in the rain.


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