Thursday, February 24, 2011


The day has changed. The heavy rain has stopped, it is 70 degrees, the sky is blue, & I think I should go play in the sun. I wish Matthew was here to go biking with me. Since he is surrounded by bicycles everyday, a little bit of his fascination and love for them has rubbed off on me. Of course, he is fascinated with the tricks he can do and the mechanical side of it all.. while I.. well I am fascinated with the structure and beauty of them. (Everytime I go see him at the shop I have to check out this road bike. Pretty huh?). I do enjoy riding them and feel that there is a freedom you do so. This video is a trailer of the film Life Cycles. Before I watched it I was afraid it would be super boring and all about boys doing tricks and things.. I was wrong. The film has amazing cinematography. It combined what we both love about a bike.. If you happen to get your hands on the movie.. I think it's worth a watch.
Happy thursday! xoxo


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