Saturday, February 26, 2011


On monday we are going to see Josh Ritter in concert. To my surprise, on my way to work, I got to hear him play a few songs during an interview on NPR. They say his music is inspired by the James Taylor era. NPR has the best stories, live shows, and interviews. I used to hate talk radio growing up. My dad would listen to it in the car and we would all get mad at him. I laugh now because it is ALL Matthew and I listen to in the car. I learn so much from it.
Here is a video I found of Josh singing one of his new songs. The video was actually filmed at a record store in Long Beach, CA (Fingerprints). If you know me, I lived there for 3 summers. The record store is a 10 minute walk from where I lived while I was there. Unfortunately, I happened to miss EVERY person that came through and played ALL 3 summers. Anyways, enjoy the video and have a happy Saturday! xo
'I had a dream last night And when I opened my eyes Your shoulder blade, your spine Were shorelines in the moonlight New worlds for the weary New lands for the living I could make it if I tried I closed my eyes I kept on swimming' Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter - "Change of Time" (Live, Solo Acoustic) at Fingerprints from Doug Rice on Vimeo.


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