Sunday, February 13, 2011


This past weekend we celebrated Matthew's sister's & Mom's birthday. Mallory did such a cute job decorating. I just wanted to share a few pictures.  I have wanted to blog a couple times this past weekend but never got around to it. We have been super busy. I have so many people I want to catch up with.

On another note Matthew and I are celebrating Valentine's Day with a mountain bike trip tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it.  Matthew is actually my first real Valentine but I have always loved the holiday. It never bothered me. I like making Valentines & who doesn't love the candy that goes with it. I have already painted my nails bright pink just for the occasion. 

Random updates:
-Matthew and I went to a church today that we both loved. They are super passionate about missions & that is important to us. Hopefully our search has ended.
-I've been listening to Patty Griffin lately.
-I'm missing the Grammy's tonight & I am a little sad about it.
-I have an awesome husband who does the dishes.


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