Thursday, April 21, 2011


Highlights from Alabama Road Trip 2011:
1. Having great driving weather.Seriously, we were placed right in-between the storms. Praise Jesus.
2. Eating dinner with Sara, Jonathan, Erica, Davis Ann, Brad, and Sandra. We ate greek food and sat in the restaurant for three hours. I think we could have sat forever.. three hours was not long enough. I love my friends.
3. Hanging out with my mom, dad, & sister. It was good to be home. We went shopping, sat outside, played bocce ball, and ate really good food. After living in a big, busy, newer city it was refreshing to be in an old small town again. I have a new appreciation for it.
4. Hanging out with the Reeves/meeting Lenox. Seeing my best friend was perfect. Lenox is the most beautiful little baby. I could have held her all day. Thank you Emily for sharing her.
5. Gabrielle coming to visit us. She was out of town and couldn't make it to birmingham for dinner on Friday so she drove to see us on Monday. We got to sit and talk for about an hour while Matthew slept. Getting to sit & talk with her and Davis Ann in Tuscaloosa is one of the things i have missed the most.
6. Eating breakfast with my sweet grandparents.
7. Stopping to see Daniel (my brother) in Mississippi on our way home. We ate lunch at an awesome country restaurant that is in an old house & walked through a few antique stores.
I wish it was still 'the weekend'.


sandra king said...

LOVE you.
love YOU.

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