Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The past few days I have taken some time to just paint. I have not done this since November.
It feels amazing to paint.
It feels amazing to be inspired. 
I painted a picture for a friend. Lately, I have been inspired by simple, high contrast, bright color images and that is the direction I went with this. I decided to paint her pug Garcia. He is epicly awesome & a perfect subject for what I was trying to accomplish. I know things have changed in me when I decided to just paint for another person without them even asking. You can ask anyone, I have always had bad attachment problems with my art. I don't like to give it away & I only paint for people if they ask. (and I will if you ask!) This sounds so selfish as I am typing it out. The main issue really was that of confidence. It was always a matter of 'it won't be good enough'. (I am secretly very much a perfectionist). I don't know what happened? I did give a few paintings away over Christmas to my siblings and to Davis Ann. I think that was the first step in learning to share what I have been given. I guess I really am growing up ;)


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