Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birminhmam, Memphis, KC, Detroit

Today I celebrate one of my best friend in the whole worlds birthday.. Davis Ann Maddox.
She was born 21 years ago today and i am so blessed that the Lord gave her to me to be my best friend in college.. so thanks for being born Davis Ann and for being so wonderful.. happy birthday! :)

This past weekend I went to KC to go to a formal with Matthew.
The trip was adventurous and eventful as all of my trips to see him are. I ended up not getting to KC till midnight due to a 4 hour plane delay in Memphis.. it all worked out though..
i had to fight keeping a good attitude and still being excited and thankful i was getting the opportunity to see him.
The Lord blessed my layover by giving me people to talk to. I decided since i had 4 hours to kill i would sit down, eat dinner, and read my bible.. only place i found.. was a bar.
I did it anyways and ended up getting to talk to a guy about the Lord and was so encourage by his testimony of how good the Lord had been to him. It really blessed my heart..
That Friday ended up being the best time if had with the lord in a long time. I heard him speak to me more clearly that day than i have in so long. I felt the freedom he gives when his children walk in obedience. He really does work all things together for my good.

My plane rides were interesting too.. i didn't listen to my ipod like i normally do but found myself talking to every person i sat by for the hour to 2 hours i was on the plane.. It was one of those trips i feel like i needed a video camera to document the lives and conversations of the people that i talked to.
I sat by a sweet old black man who loves the lord and was so kind to me on the way to Memphis.. from Memphis to KC i talked to a 29 year old doctor who had been up for almost 30 hours.. he talked to me about everything you can imagine.. and gave me advice about relationships.. it was interesting. I felt as if he was giving me worldly advice but felt the Lord use it and speak to me through it.. He talked to me about Matt and said ..
"..you think no one understands what it is between you two.. and you right.. no one does and no one ever will..its about you and him.."
Hearing him say that has stuck with me. I had a hard time at the beginning of the year feeling approval from friends here about being in a relationship. Ive had to learn to trust in the lord alone about what is right and not rely on the approval of man. It is.. "all about you and him" ..about the Lord and me.. then Matthew and me..
It took that conversation for me to confidently let it go and be okay with that.
On the way home i flew all the way to Detroit.. sat by 1st a Mormon lady.. that was interesting.. and 2nd Alabama's old basketball coach.. one of the ones that just got released.. He was from LA so we had a great life in California talk.

I was in KC for maybe 31 hours. I was worth is though. I think dinner was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We got to eat in Union Station at a place called Pierpont's. We were served a 4 course mean in a private room with old 20's music playing in the background. We turned the night into a fake life story.. the 8 of us became the Godoricci's. A wealthy Italian family who is part of the Mafia. It was perfect. I love being creative and playing pretend.

2 things i know for certain..

1. That God is beyond good.
2. That I adore Matthew more and more every time i am around him.


Matthew said...

1) remember how he was hitting on you and I don't think you even knew it
2) i adore u every single minute of every single day of my vida

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