Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Simple Times.

A few things I know, Ive learned, or knew but that got re-affirmed.

1. I know I have wonderful friends. They are so thoughtful and love me.
2. I know my boyfriend has awesome taste. (He gave me the best shoes ever for my birthday)
3. I know Forgiveness brings peace and healing.
4. I know I love bags. My friend Sarah had this great one that i always told her i loved everytime i saw her and so she gave it to me for my birthday!
5. I know love music. I listened to Passion Pit this morning and it put me in a good mood and now I'm listening to Joe Purdy and artists like him on Pandora..it makes my heart happy.
6. I know with my birthday money im buying a pair of Nike's. some white pants. and maybe a bathing suit.
7. I know i need to more patience in my life. Its running a little dry these days.
8. I know i want to live a simple life. And am trying to figure out how to do so.

Is it enough to write a song and sing it to the birds?
They'd hear just the tune
Not understand my love for words
But you would hear me and know
I want only this, I want to live
I want to live a simple life.
I dreamed you first
But not so real
And everyday since I've found you
Such moments we steal
Like little thieves, we rub our hands
We hold our hearts between them.
But will you hear me and know?
I want only this, I want to live
I want to live a simple life.
-the weepies


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