Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thoughts from Mass Comm.

I'm skipping class.
We are under a tornado warning so its probably a good excuse right?

I did go to my last class only because we had a quiz..
That class was my Mass Communications class.. Its very interesting but my teacher makes stupid jokes all the time.. and because its a 101 class we have a lot of freshman in there.. and therefore we have story time.. all the time.. not from the teacher but from the students..
for example.. One day we were talking about books.. and the topic of teachers came up and a girl raises her hand and says.. " my moms a teacher".. and the point is? haha this is a topic Davis Ann and I go on about.. its hilarious.. we had story time for like 30 min. today from people telling their pointless stories that related to only one word our teacher would say.. haha i sound mean.. anyways during this time i just tuned out.. and thought about random things.. I usually play the "what If" game in my head... like what if I just got up and ran around the room? or what if people were really colors like it says in the bible song "red, yellow, black, or white".. like not just a brown tint or tanish color.. but really colors.. haha wouldn't that be crazy!? im weird.... but have to entertain myself somehow..

Anyways on Tuesday we also talked about music and my teacher opened up the class with "if i took your ipod and looked at your music i could tell what kind of person you are".. I've always thought this not wanting to judge people on music but i does tell something about someone whether they want it to or not.. it made me think what people would say about me if they looked at my ipod? or better yet what do i want for people to think about me when looking at my ipod?

Music from today: Jordan Mahy's burnt CD he made.. and Gabrielle singing along...
Hm. what does that tell you?.. haha oh man.


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