Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Its been a while.

a few things... or 10 things..

1. I feel more inspired lately.
2. Music: I'm flying to Kansas City Friday to go to a formal with Matthew.. :) i went to Barnes and Noble tonight and bought a Paste magazine (its a music magazine) and I'm excited about reading and discovering new things on the plane ride there.. also I'm obsessed with Pandora radio again.. i played in last night while i studied and didn't hear one song that came on i didn't like.. its been good to me.. everyone should try it out sometime
3. My best friend told me the other day that reading my blog made her a little nostalgic.. and after thinking about it.. i decided its because.. I'm nostalgic.. not on purpose but almost everything makes me that way.. songs.. rides home alone in my car.. sunsets.. seeing faces from the past i don't see often.. i think its the melancholy part of my personality coming out..
4. Liz's sister asked me to paint a picture for her husband for their anniversary to go in their dinning room.. I don't normally paint things for people but she gave me a picture and I'm getting paid pretty well so.. I'm kinda nervous but you gotta start somewhere right?
5. I'm planning a party.. its gonna be the best party ever.. its a dinner party where everyone has to come as a Hollywood couple.. but i mean dates arnt required.. Davis Ann and i brainstormed for ideas today while we swung at the park :)
6. Ive been really humbled by so much lately..
7. I love rice cakes and hot peppermint tea. Not together but they are my new and recent obsession.
8. I got a project back tonight in design class i turned in on Monday.. i got a 99 on it! and the one point was taken off because of how messy my craftsmanship is.. i cant help it glue sticks to everything.. ha but i was excited :) my teacher said that it was one his favorites and one of the best he's seen while teaching design! i was humbled because i didn't think it was that great and it kinda boosted my confidence which can always use boosting a little..
9. I wanna see this! :)
10. Random but.. I hate my pride.. and Ive realized its hard for me to trust people lately..dunno why but i want to work on changing that?..

Music for the day: Jesse Rogers Goodman :) and a little Pandora Radio (lisa hannigan inspired)


danteague said...

i really want to see that movie too!
can i come to your party?

sarahkathryn said...

yes!!! please please do!!!!!!!!

stevie! said...

jesse goodman is soooo good.

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