Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm laying on my bed eating Kix. They don't taste like much but are so good to me.. if im not careful i will eat the whole box without realizing it.. One summer jessica and i would do this with Captain Crunch.. we'd buy a box and it just disappeared before our eyes.. soon we found out where this mysteriously addicting cereal went... i better be careful or ill get the same results that i got after eating it all the time.. good thing Kix aren't as bad for you as Captain Crunch is.. anyways.. stupid cereal.

note to self: Sarah, stay away from a box of cereal loaded with sugar.

Its been a nice night. I got out of Design early and to my surprise it was pouring outside. Of course it wasn't when i went to class so i had no umbrella. It was okay though. I got a little soaked but it gave me a better excuse to come home and take hot bath.. I listened to good slow folkie music, lit a few candles, and made myself hot peppermint tea. The rain made it even better by pouring down outside my bathroom window. I love baths.

I miss jessica.
I miss loving to exercise.
I miss my brothers living in the same town as me.
I miss kc the cougar and her faithful drives around the austin high school parking lot.
I miss the days getting to eat whatever i wanted.
I miss Matthew.

3 things im thankful for:

1. my drawing class being canceled for tomorrow.
2. coffee with Davis Ann and Lunch with Gabrielle
3. the instant satisfaction of a Polaroid camera

Davis Ann: "You smell like vitamins"
Me: "Ive been eating kix.. i have kixie hands.. that's probably it"
Davis Ann: "ah ha it sounded like you said you have kinky hands"

oh man.


sandra king said...

kix are for kids! right? or is it trix.. yeah its trix.
i've never actually had those.. i love cereal tho. and could down a box easily.

your bath sounds amazingggg.
i might have to take one this wknd.. my bathroom reminds me of the one on my grandparents motorhome.. needless to say, there is no bath tub. absurd.

see ya tomorrow :)

Jessica said...

wow. i miss kc a lot. and you. and captain crunch. seriously i can't even think of the last time i had it... years...
what the heck. we are getting old.
its weird that i just had a woah i forgot moment that your brothers aren't in the same town as you... :( goodness, i wish i were in the same town as you. i still can't remember why we didn't go to school together... ? :) i love you
-jr of course.

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