Sunday, March 1, 2009

Middle School Boys.

Today Davis Ann, Erica, and I played with the the virtual model on Landsend's web site. It was awesome. You could make the girl look like you.. face, body type, hair and all.. then put clothes on her to see what you'd look like in them. It was probably the funnest thing i did all weekend. We experimented to see what Erica would look like at 40 and to see what shed look like weighing 350 pounds. So entertaining.
I mean here is our problem though.. we already looked at Landsend website to shop for one piece bathing suits because we got the catalog in the mail and became interested.. but to ensure this wont become a continual thing.. we all made a pact today to hold each other accountable to still dress cool/ hott when we get old...
Seriously. We are determined to not dress too "mom like" and wear high waisted jeans with a cardigan and crocks.. which is all we saw in the catalog..
Kill us if we do.


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