Thursday, March 12, 2009

my heart is happy.

I just got home from working out.. not gonna lie it was kinda rough.. ha. BUT! it was great at the same time.
I had my ipod on shuffle and Kim Walker came on. Perfect timing..
About this time last year Her CD came out and we listened to it non stop on spring break. It made me really happy for it to come on. Like really happy..
Really happy about this spring break and excited about what the Lord is gonna do and happy that the Lord has given me fun memories to look back on.
It made me laugh while i was working out thinking about singing Spontaneous song 5 in the kitchen with Davis Ann, Erica, and Stevie while cooking dinner. We were singing "...Put a fire in our bellies and a river in our mouths, you put a fire in our bellies and a river in our mouths..and we are born to praise you.. we are born to praise you for all eternity.." and as we sang this we danced and fanned Jamie Reid asking the lord to fall on us.. (ha Jamie's reaction) which this is the funniest picture to me. It makes my heart smile. Sweet friends. And sweet spirit.
Ah i love it.

This song also reminds me of crazy fun Jesus times with Sandra. Haha Ive never laughed so hard than laying on the floor laughing in her apartment listening to Kim Walker and praying for each other.

Thanks Lord for today, friends, for Sandra (and for me), for Kim Walker, for your fun spirit, and for settling my spirit.
You are good all the time.

"We are longing for the glory of the Lord cause we know there's so much more."..."can we have more of You?"


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