Thursday, March 5, 2009

my mind is everywhere.

Ive thought this about my life before many times but this morning i woke up feeling i must be on a TV show, a movie, or something..just by the way i felt and what i was thinking combined with the events that have gone on the past week..
For instance.. Liz, one of my best friends, almost got a knife pulled on her on Monday while running.. 15 cops and a helicopter came to my house last night because my roommates felt like a man broke into our house, we still don't know if it was just the UPS man or not.. hilarious story.. and because of other little things like how i ran to Barnes and Noble after hearing the UPS mans break in story because i felt so tense after hearing the story. For many reasons i felt tense.. i was kinda embarrassed in a funny way and it had been a long day.. i lost all of my social skills with anyone i came in contact with there and became extremely awkward to the point i was laughing out loud at my self uncontrollably.. if someone was watching me they would have died from how i was acting..
In addition to the first three days of this week... my breakfast club of an art class, my relationship with Matt although not dramatic but interesting as a whole.. adds to the reasons i feel like im eligible to feel like im on a movie...
oh and i now talk to myself out loud on a daily basis.. its become a bad habit.. so im kinda weird.. and that's another good reason i think

So since my life must be a movie or TV show.. a song that would be on this season of my life's soundtrack and that would have started today's episode of my life would be Rest Shame & Love by Augustana.. because of the guitar part at the beginning... the song would only play about half way through at the opening scene from this morning and fade out to me forcing myself to get out of bed..
I say this song because i listened to it in my car today and feel like it would just fit.
haha. oh man. Seriously though.

9 days till spring break. Thank you Jesus.

I really wish i was a hippie. Im wearing my hair like one today, the weather is amazing and it makes me just wan to be barefoot in a cool dress laying on a blanket in the middle of a field.

Random but my feet grew 1/2 a size bigger.. how does that happen? the last few pair of 9's i tried on wouldn't fit me...hmmm.

I met with one of the staff girls from crusade today. Ive been wanting someone to challenge me and feel kinda convicted for not serving and pushing myself to grow where The Lord has gifted me and brought me to. I want to grow and be challenged but have needed someone to push me in a loving way without me feeling rebuked by them.. although i need it sometimes i don't think it would have helped me at this point.. she just reminded me what my strengths were and how i have a place in the body of Christ.. it was really good to hear.

Also today Davis Ann convinced me to go to Birmingham with her to see her best friend Rebbecca. It was wonderful. We went to forever 21 and ate dinner with Rebbecca and her Mom who are both amazingly sweet. We had great conversation on the way there.. we always seem to when we take trips to Birmingham alone together.. its one of my favorite things to do with her.. i love her friendship.
And i got a cool Indian shirt for 12 dollars. i love cheap things.

anyways.. now off to bible study to talk about the fruits of the spirit...:)

If you feel discouraged
That there's a lack of color here
Please don't worry lover
It's really bursting at the seams
For absorbing everything
The spectrum's a to z
This is fact not fiction
For the first time in years
-Death Cab for Cutie


emilyelizabeth said...

hahaha. the part about the UPS man breaking in and you dashing off to Barnes and Noble made me laugh out loud. for some reason, i can just picture it in my head. hahahaha.

sarahkathryn said...

haha yea davis ann and i will have to tell you the full story some time its soo funny youll die :)

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