Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tired in every way.

I miss Jessica really bad.
I wrote this the other day in my blog but seriously other than God of course she understands me like no one else can. Without me saying a word.
And i could use that lately. Really bad
Tonight is a night i wish we went to school together.
One reason being she painted on her porch last night and that's totally like some things we did in high school and probably would have done together had i been there last night.
Aaand she and her friends went on a road trip to see augustana on wednesday...
Kinda jealous.

A few thing..
I miss high school summer nights with my friends. So perfect.
I miss summer in general and am tired of cold rainy days..
Im ready for new summer nights and to have an indian tan again
I had a good convo with Erica tonight that i really needed to have to help the view of God i have right now
Im thankful for the friends i have here..
Wesley leaves for Costa Rica tomorrow...sad..first time ill be the only Teague in Tuscaloosa since he was a freshman
And last what Ive been harping on all night and made into a controversial topic... i swear the sun is bigger in California no matter what people say. It looks bigger.. so there. It has to be different somehow. Scientifically the distance from Alabama and the sun at sunset is the same as the distance as California and the sun at sunset but it still appears to be different sizes visually. Let me know if anyone comes up with an explanation for that one.
haha. My stance stands.

A few happy things...
I saw my brother Daniel today at Panera.. he always comforts me being around
I see Matt 2 weeks from today
I talked to Sandra for a while on the phone the other day and it still makes me happy thinking about it. I really love her and our talks.


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