Wednesday, March 11, 2009


3 questions:

question number one: why do i have a hard time falling asleep when i am really tired? i mean Ive only been trying now for like thirty minuets but I know at this point it will be a while so why not write a blog? its been going on for a while.. i don't like it... too much more time to think with a mind that races almost all day long

question number two: why did God create guys and girls so different? i mean i know of course they complete each other in where the other is lacking but i mean i just want to know one good reason why God made girls emotional and made them a mystery and completely hard to figure out.. i mean it would help the emotional part of it if He made boys somehow able to read their language don't you think? just been wondering all my life.. i could go on.. but i am stopping. But really i am up for suggestions to those good reasons about girls..

question number three: why isn't it spring break already. 3days (ish)

3 things.

1. I really like harmonicas.

2. I like unicorns or really saying the word.. Davis Ann sent me a happy picture of one today that was drawn on the sidewalk. She gave me one freshman year in our days when we would play steal sharky ( Chris's massive shark stuffed animal) and the cool ceramic squirrel from the boys house and it got stolen during a war by one of them and has never been seen again. sad day. RIP cute unicorn from Davis Ann.. oh fun times.

3. I like enter the worship circle. Never have stopped. My kinds will most likely know them before they even come out of the womb...

okay wait 4 things..
4. Matt and I will be dating 9 months over spring break.. i know right!? in that 9 months we've probably seen each other a total of 8 times? haha but he still gives me butterflies when i talk to him sometimes. This week theve been worse as the reality sets in that ill see him on Saturday. Just for the record. I like him.


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