Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sleepless... not in Seattle. but in Tuscaloosa.

Haha i know my title was really cheesy but its late. I'm tired and things that arnt funny are funny to me.
I cant sleep so i decided to write another blog.

I always claimed to not have favorite things because i always felt bound to them if i did and wouldn't be able to change them if i wanted but i do have have favorite things in season.. ha so right now.. here is a list of my favorite things.. some of these have been my favorite things for a long time and will be forever and some are things that are just passing through my life...


The words cupcake and bunnies... try and say them out loud and you'll agree.

Bubble baths with candles, a good book, and a play list consisting of Iron and Wine, Damien Rice, slow KOL and other mellow music

Favorite food is rice. i don't eat it very ofter at all.. but i say its my favorite because its the most practical food... you can eat it with almost anything.. and cereal.

Joe Purdy. huge step saying that one. I of course have other artists on my favorite music list but he has my heart.

Painting in a button down shirt at my house in Decatur in my pink bedroom right after i get out of the bath tub and feel inspired by the play list i listened to in the bath tub..

Being with Matthew

Laughing with Jessica at ourselves..of course we are the only ones who think were funny

Taking trips to every where/running errands with Davis Ann

Riding in the passenger seat of anyone's car.. Matt's.. Davis Ann's.. Jessica's.. Ive always been the one to ride and not drive..

Going to shows.. that consists of music.. dance.. and art gallery openings..

Sitting around the table with my best of friends and having good deep conversations about life and God

Worshiping with my friends at school

Getting presents and mail from my mommy


Days in the summer when you don't shower all day or wear makeup and care what you look like because you have been out in the water and in the sun all day..

Walking around the grocery store..

Antique stores.

The colors.. grayish blue.. coral.. anthropologie yellow.. and a certain shade of green i see in my head

BMW 6 series... but i mean really i like most BMW's..

Not wearing pants.. (haha honesty is good right?)

The dinner table at home when the whole family is home from school.. its always interesting and funny

Walks by myself in the spring by the river when i get to just listen to my ipod and talk/walk with Jesus

Mary of Bethany in the Bible

Having someone read to me

Singing duets with Matthew

The mornings when you wake up feel awesome, skinny, and really clean.. haha ya know even when you didn't shower the night before but you feel awesomely clean when you wake up for some reason?

that's all for now..
i think this helped me get tired enough again to try and sleep.



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