Monday, March 2, 2009


These days......

What i find myself enjoying the most:
sitting at the dining room table with my 2 roommates while we all do homework, talk, laugh, and make fun of each other

What i feel bound by:
The expectations i have for my self in what i can do and the expectations i think others have for me. Its keeping me from growing and challenging myself i think.. root: fear? (little exposure)

Only food i seem to consume:
Green Giant vegetables, cereal, fiber one pop tarts, soup, and as of this weekend Mission tortilla chips.

People i see:
Davis Ann, Sara, and on occasion Gabrielle and Erica. (explains my social life)

Web sites i visit daily:
Facebook, my bama, gmail, weather, and Web MD. Davis ann makes fun of me for a few of those...

Music i listen to:
Enter the Worship Circle, Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, Sarah Groves, and Bon Iver

What i wish i did more of:
paint for fun, go on mini adventures, see matthew, read, speak french, make more money, see people i love, cook actual meals, and desire time with the Lord and be in a place where i cant get enough of his presence.

Music for the day: Damien Rice's first CD 'O'. So good.


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