Tuesday, March 24, 2009

back to reality.

I am addicted to corn chips i think.
Yeah.. Its official.

Spring break was amazing. I got to spend 9 days in Texas with Matthew and his family. It was wonderful. His family is great, we got to relax pretty much the entire week, goof off, and sleep till whenever we wanted. I love trips, and needed this one. It didn't feel like reality the entire time i was there.
In a way its good to be back in reality but i wish the two would collide.. hm. Maybe one day they will.

11 highlights from sp09 (because i like that number):

1. Being with Matt for 9 days straight.. everything about it.. i would still be with him if possible.
2. Going to the Dallas Zoo. And riding the train though Dallas to get there.
3. Scooter rides to the park and laying in a hammock among the trees
4. Food.. Matts mom cooked almost every night.. it was great.
5. Getting to see Lisa Hannigan at the House of Blues. Ah. I still cant get over how amazing she was. My new inspiration. I kinda wanna be her.
6. Watching movies almost every night and not getting tired of it..
7. Going dancing with Matthew and his family and getting lessons at a country western dance place.
8. Trip to the arboretum. We went on a picnic and saw lots of pretty flowers and trees.
9. Finding a great dress at bcbg on sale
10. Feeling relaxed and peaceful the entire time/ not feeling anxious about anything at all..
11. Not even knowing where my phone was for almost 2 entire days and not having to charge it once the entire time i was there.. i wish i could live without it forever..

The lord is good to me.

3 Things to look forward to:

1. 10 days till i see Matthew again.. this time in kC.

2. Sandra is coming this weekend :)

3. Sara and Jonathan bought Twilight! we are watcing it tonight.

Its a good day.


emilyelizabeth said...

mmm. twilight. ohhh, edward.

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