Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This past weekend was great.
best weekend i can think of in a while.. a long while..
reason #1. i got to do something that i haven't done in a while and that i wish i did more.. i went to a concert with Davis Ann, Emma, and Sara Friday night.. we saw Matthew Mayfield for free at the Bama theater. I love the feeling of sitting and just listening and appreciating someones music.. his voice is kinda mesmerizing. It was perfect.
and reason #2. Matt surprised me!!!
Story: I decided earlier this year that i wanted to have a celebrity dinner party. Just where everyone comes over and eats dinner dressed as a celebrity. No big deal but i told Matt when it was.. which was this past Saturday.. for the past few weeks he had been telling me how bad he wished he could go and bah blah blah.. so. Last week he told me he was going on a retreat with his fraternity brothers Friday night and wouldn't have service and that he had to work and couldn't get out of it so there was no way he could come visit me.. He had also told me earlier that week that i was getting a package on Friday or Saturday.. so Friday goes on and i thought Matt had gone on his camping trip.. we went to the concert.. then Bruno's.. and came home. Emma and i were looking at pictures of Angelina Jolie for my costume on Saturday.. and the door bell rings.. Sara told me to go to the door and so ya know i did.. and was confused when i saw a huge box on our door step.. it was really quiet and Davis Ann and Erica had disappeared for a while so i thought they were doing something silly.. also Erin was standing at the end of the drive way making funny faces.. so i just shut the door and told Sara i didn't want to open it.. haha i even said "maybe its Matt.. just kidding" and so someone said from the porch.. open the box.. and so with a little help.. up came the box and there stood Matt.. i was so shocked.. i mean i thought or pretended in my head earlier that week that he maybe would surprise me but didn't really think it would happen.. it was great. and def. needed.. he had planned it since before spring break!.. best surprise ever.. he didn't even slightly let it slip.. i have an amazing boyfriend... it totally made my semester...

Today was a good day too.
The Lord is really sweet to me.. i prayed on the way to class today that he would pour his affections out on me and that in doing so it would cause me to pour mine back on him.. and tonight he did.. i didn't even realize he had answered this prayer until i left crusade but during worship tonight he just reminded me of how much he treasures the fact that i loved him from such a young age.. Ive known the lord and walked with him for a really long time.. i remember loving the Lord in 6th grade and having such a innocence about life.. he told me that he loved my heart then and that he still remembers it and sees that in me now no matter what i see, ,think, or feel. No matter how much i have been corrupted by this world and have had innocence stolen from me he sees me as an innocent child.. it broke my heart. He really loves me.. and him telling me these things stirred my heart.. how can i not love such a God who takes so much delight in me even in my broken sinful body.. His love draws me nearer.

I am nothing more than this tonight
I hope for a dream to pass you by..
you'd see me fight for you my bride
I know in this way, like oceans waves
love comes to life in your embrace
For you id give my life away
and as we are leaving the grips of this life ill be by your side
I long for a day when freedom reigns
with you in my arms ill watch you sleep and kiss your lips with fire and peace
-Matthew Mayfield


Matthew said...

the whole semester? : ) this boyfriend must be really sweet to you...

sarahkathryn said...

uh huuuuhhhh......

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