Saturday, May 28, 2011


Five things I love this week:
  1. Watermelon. I have probably consumed an unhealthy amount. (It has to be perfectly ripe / the perfect shade of pink otherwise it tastes too melony.)
  2. My long black skirt from the Gap. Seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever bought. It's not online otherwise i would show it to you. 
  3. The book of Hebrews. So. Good.
  4. Arizona Green Tea. J and I drank it non stop our senior year of high school & i got a little burnt out after drinking it everyday for a year. It's back and I made someone else a fan. (Matthew of course.)
  5. Caramel Apple suckers. Ya know, the ones that used to only come out in October. Mm. We made the mistake of buying a huge bag & we took them to the movie theatre the other night.
Random picture: This time of the year, three years ago, Matthew and I met in Long Beach, CA for the first time. I've been thinking about how time has flown by. I miss that city. 


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