Monday, May 2, 2011


Wow. What a week. I have been saying that phrase in my head a lot the past 24 hours.
It has been a week filled with many mixed emotions: Happiness, relief, sadness, hope, joy, & humility to name a few. It's hard to even determine for myself how I feel about everything. I do above all else feel confident and hopeful. The God of the universe is my God and he is in control.
Today it is cold and rainy. 50 degrees is not ideal for the month of May but I am okay with it. I woke up extremely sleepy for some reason so the steady rain is more than perfect.
Being the sweet husband he is, Matthew went grocery shopping for us while I took a shower. We decided that we would sit at home in front of the fire and watch movies all day.
I love my best friend. He brought home cookie mix and surprised me with Horizon Organic Vanilla milk (my favorite treat!). It always makes me feel like a little girl because of the small carton is comes in.

Even in our little safe haven, the things going on in the world are heavy on our minds. We are still praising God for his goodness, mercy, & love, praying for the south, & for the World.

A few links that are worth taking a look at today:
My brother Wesley's blog.
This blog someone shared on Facebook today. Great article on a Christian-worldview & everything that is going on
This article on CNN about the reaction of other World Leaders and bin Laden's death.


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