Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yesterday afternoon we got to spend a few hours in Matthew's parents pool before the bad weather came last night. I'm over the bad weather. Ever since the tornado in Tuscaloosa and the one in Joplin I am a little more on edge anytime we are under a tornado warning.
Thankfully I think the bad weather will be gone for a while now. Today it is beautiful outside. Sadly, there will be no swimming. I'm already looking forward to the weekend again when we can swim our little hearts out.

There is no update on the move front. We are still looking for a place to live which will determine when we leave here. All I know is that we have 2 weeks of work left. Yippee!!!

Also, we were planning a trip to Austin for our 6 month anniversary in June.  Since we are moving we are going to go ahead and go next week. Anyone have any ideas on what we should do while we are there? I'd love suggestions.


emmie t said...

just spend a few hours driving through the hill country... one of my top 5 places in america. :) oh, and there is a huge park there, i forget what it's called but have a picnic or something! have fun!!!

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