Wednesday, February 10, 2010

art of friendship.

So Davis Ann and I have a weekly workout schedule together and go every Tuesday and Thursday to the Rec center. On this particular Tuesday it was freezing, i was tired. and did not really want to go. Of course Davis Ann being the determined most disciplined person i know gets me to go like usual. We work out and actually have a good time. So we leave and get in the car. Little did i know that when i parked my car had gone slightly over the curb (unknown to me bc i didn't feel or hear it when i parked) so i begin to back up and hear an enormous screech.. and im like "oh i must have gone over the curb, no big deal" so i keep backing up with the sound getting worse and worse.. Davis Ann once again being the better of us, gets concerned and gets out to see that my bumper has indeed been taken off the front of my car by the curb. The look on her face was priceless. Being in the good mood i am (luckily) get out and start laughing at the fact that i could have jacked up my car pretty bad. She decides to try and fix it and kinda places it back where it should go as i pull back up to the curb. The grills that are kinda on the lower half of my car came out and are currently in my car. Afraid to drive off i call my boyfriend mechanic (who i think knows everything about cars just because he was in shop in high school) I tried to tell him what happened and to get advice but am laughing so hard that i cry. I laugh because this is something that WOULD happen to me. We end up being ok and driving home grill less and with my poor bumper a little bit removed but i think all is going to be fine. Matthew will be here tomorrow and can hopefully fix the rest of my mistake. Well.. it wasn't really a mistake.. just an accident ;)
I tell this story because these types of things happen frequently to me.. Thankfully it has been built in me to laugh at all problematic/ troublesome circumstances. I laugh at the wrong times and of course cry when i shouldn't.
The whole time this was happening i was wondering where Jessica was. In high school we did some pretty careless things. We ALWAYS got lost in HORRIBLE parts of towns (that topic could be a whole blog entry in itself), have run out of gas on the interstate, and driven miles and miles away from where we are with no practicality in mind. This characteristic we have has gotten on a ton of peoples nerves i do recall. And im sure, has stressed many out with our reckless abandonment desire to be adventurous, careless, and un concerned with the dangers that could come. Although these things do happen to us often we seem to always laugh it off even if it brings us to tears first. Im not sure whats wrong with me? why i always have these moments.. I hope in the future that as i get older i will become more less careless but still able to laugh things off so easily like i do now. It makes life not so stressful.
Jess and i are going to write a book one day. I know we have enough stories about our (what we think, although people say no one is as interesting as unique as they'd hope) interesting life to fill one up. Then again we have big plans with little resources and commitment ;) haha we may not have everything together but we have mastered the art of friendship, we always have fun together, can go weeks without talking and one day call the other one crying because we know the other is the only one who would understand. I can thankfully say she will be my best friend always.

Side note for the day:
Look at this awesome necklace i got over New Years in Nashville. I found the charm in a little old record store downtown. I saw them on a cardboard display panel from the 70's and knew i had to buy the 2 dollar charm. Lucky find in my opinion.
(oh p.s. it looks huge in the picture but its tiny! if that matters for for anything)


L. Pioneer said...

i do know everything about mechanics babe...duh!..good blog post and yes you and Jessica should write a book...

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