Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Heres the deal. For a while i have been debating whether or not to get a tattoo. Many of my friends i know have strong opinions about this topic and i know all the reasons of why not to get one but i kinda really want one. Nothing crazy or extreme. I saw this calligraphy tattoo on a blog one day and decided i LOVE the font. The other picture is of my friend Meghan Hill and her husband David. They both got the same thing tattooed before they even met and fell in love. Sweet huh? i love the place she has it. Its not noticeable, its elegant, and i think its perfect. So we will see.. not like im going to get it tomorrow or anything but maybe one day i will be daring enough..

Oh. P.s. The picture was taken by two of my favorites, the wonderful
Emma and Wesley with wephotographie! (thats them in the Polaroid!)


w + e photographie said...

aw, you are just as sweet as a pumpkin pie! love you sarie. i like the calligraphy, but smaller :)

Im Sarah :) said...

:O) yes i think so to0! def smaller

Ginger Alien said...

I thought of getting a Hindi tattoo, maybe on the wrist. It would say "Yeshu Ka", which translates to "Jesus's" like saying 'I belong to Jesus'. Instead I got my ear pierced. But maybe someday.

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