Friday, February 26, 2010

open road.

I am currently sitting in the Maddox's beach house..
Davis Ann and I left yesterday after her class and drove the 5 and a half hours to Santa Rosa Beach, FL.
I have only had good times when I come here.
Its been so nice.
Just the 2 of us. (for 2 years it was the 2 of us 24/7 but that hasnt been the case for the last 2. Its great to have the much needed alone hangout roommie time)
Just the beach.
Homework and sleep.

I have felt for a while that i needed to just get in the car and drive.
Its been a while since i have driven anywhere far. I needed the car ride more that the weekend i think. After traveling so much i got kinda burnt out from it. The adventuresome side of me died out a little. After a long break though, i have had withdraws from the lack of it in my life. I needed a break but am ready again.
Next trip.. Fayetteville Arkansas for spring break. An 8 hour trip that i have a love hate relationship with..

Davis Ann and I made a list today in the car..

"Tips to a Fun & Cheap Weekend" (ha)
1. make sure your brother meets a girl freshman year that will have a beach house and a sister that you can be friends with in the future
2. become roommates and best friends with that girl
3. go to that beach house whenever you can
4. make sure it will be for free...
5. make sure the place is owned by parents who come often and already have the pantry stocked.
6. do not go to the outlet mall unless you want to leave with 5 things
7. eat simple. (zateran's always helps us since its like 1.67 for a box of jambalaya or gumbo)
8. watch movies you already have.
9. relax.
10. take baths when you get bored.
11. take advantage of the view.
12. make sure good, happy, and relaxing music is playing in the background.

(this list is of course un-realistic considering its not too often that you have a roommate who's parents build real-estate on private beaches but hey im sure a few things on our list can be helpful)


Ann said...

i'm glad wesley and i could help!! haha, it was always our plan that this would happen eventually (you and DA becoming BFFs). actually, i guess it was God's plan but i'm glad He decided to use us to bring it about! love you sarah!

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