Thursday, February 11, 2010


So one of the only things i asked for for Christmas this year was a sewing Machine. The desire came out of a need to doing something new, to have a new hobby, and to be skilled in an area that is very useful. I not only got 1 sewing machine but 2! Matthew knows my love for antiques and he himself appreciates them. He got me this awesome Singer Sewing Machine that has an awesome wooden case with a key to unlock it. Yes it does still work and i have used it a few times. My mom got me a newer one that i use more frequently. So far i have made a few random pillows and am now working on a cool apron. Hopefully one day i will be maki
ng original and beautiful things. I am hopefully going to start making a quilt soon that will be a long term project. Just call me suzy homemaker. These days it seems like all i buy & the only gifts i receive have something to do with a house wife (by saying this i am not suggesting annnything, just to throw that out there, oh man).
The second picture is that of my awesome iron ons that Sara (my other roommate) gave me. They were created by a a pair of artists who are husband and wife! Cute huh? Jess & i have used them already once and I'm excited to get to add them to my creations in the future. To see more of the Sukie products click here!
Oh p.s the fun thing about the Sukie Iron On's is that J used to call me Sukie and Sara didn't even know it. Perfect.

Fact for the Day: Matthew is on his way to be my Valentine for the weekend. Hooray for that!
Song for the Day: Dandelion by the Damnwells.


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