Wednesday, February 17, 2010

happy wednesday

PRINTS! Im thinking about purchasing either a screen printing kit or a Block printing Kit (in a previous blog i posted a bike print which was done using the block method) How fun would it be to be able to Screen Print things!
Hmm. Urban Outfitters sells kits but you know i'm sure i could find one cheaper...
Thats no question...

The picture on the Left i did last semester in Printmaking. Its an Intaglio Print meaning it was made using a zinc plate & acid washes to etch away the picture. Kinda complicated to explain but a really cool process!

As a Side Note:
I found Jillian Edwards yesterday when i was buying the Ben Rector Album. I have only downloaded 4 of her songs but LOVE them! she is a doll and the second i heard her songs i just smiled. I attached the link to her MySpace and recommend listening to "Song Bird" & "July and June". So. perfect!


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