Friday, February 12, 2010


We are studying american Pop art in the 1950's in Modern art history and so far Andy Warhol is one of the only artists with crazy ideas that i appreciate (my opinion about that class and modern art theory could be an entire blog entry.. and i shouldn't get started on it) Anyways. Here is just a favorite of mine that he did. For some reason it kinda fits valentines day??? maybe its just the flowers and the pretty colors. Who knows.
As a side note: my mom is the sweetest lady. She sent me this dress from Urban Outfitters along with a few other things in the mail for Valentines Day. I've been getting a ton of mail these days.. I feel so undeserving but really special that i have.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! This is my first valentines with a REAL valentine date. I've always liked the holiday date or no date so i am totally embracing every second of it :)


L. Pioneer said...

Who is your valentine? Sure is a lucky guy ; )

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