Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lee Miller and Vogue.

This is a portrait of Lee Miller a famous photographer in the 1940's. We studied modern photography today in art history and she was the most inspirational to me. Lee Miller was originally a model herself and worked for Vogue. She herself became a surrealist photographer as well as a documentary photographer for Vogue. She took fashion photos in New York and Europe as well as photographed scenes from WW2. She was the first to capture the devastation in Germany and sent it to be published in Vogue. Of all magazines Vogue!? In the 1930' and
1940's everyday life photographs were at the top of the list. Artists used this topic for many reasons. Her reason was to be real and to show what the Americans could not see. After having loved vogue for a very long time, i found it so interesting that such a magazine would show such pictures. I guess the times have changed as they say and although our world is still falling apart the beautiful and the ugly of the everyday are not shown in such "glam" magazines. I know this is not what the magazine is for but still something to think about.
This would be Picasso, a friend of hers :)


L. Pioneer said...

ahhhh documentary photography = really really cool...love the pictures babe : )

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