Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Five Things. (Because it has been a while.)
  1. Matthew asked me to give him a haircut last night. I know bad haircuts should not be a laughing matter but I couldn't help it. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. He now has a shaved head. (Which, in my opinion, looks pretty hott with anyways. And hey, I told him I didn't know what I was doing but he insisted.)
  2. Today I started working on an oil painting I started in 11th grade. Yep, that was almost 7yrs ago.
  3. I'm still un-employed & still not happy about it.
  4. Last night I met president Obama in a dream AND listened to Bon Iver in a dream. I have had his song 'Perth' in my head all day. My dreams never fail me to be interesting.
  5. I woke up to coffee & breakfast in bed this morning from Matthew. Happy 7 months to us! :)
(Here is a sneak-peak of a different painting I'm working on. Have a good Tuesday!)


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