Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Moving. The 4th. Friends. Family. Life.
Wow. It has been a while.
We were supposed to have internet starting on the 2nd but due to some silly complications with at&t we still do not have it. I guess this is a good excuse to take advantage of the local coffee shop and get out of the house. There is so much to update on I don't even know where to start! Forgive me ahead of time for this post being scattered. (nothing new.)
We moved into our house this past weekend & life has been going 100mph since then. My family came up Friday to help us move in which was quite the blessing. I'm not sure we could have done it without them. My mom, Emma, & I painted while the boys did all the heavy lifting. Now, 5days later we still have boxes to unpack but it's all coming together. It feels nice to not live out of a suitcase.
While half the weekend was filled with moving, the other half was spent just hanging out with friends and family. Our good friends Sara and Jonathan came up on Saturday to hang out in Chattanooga/celebrate the fourth of July weekend. This is the 2nd year we have spent the 4th together and I think it is officially our little tradition. We spent the day swimming at my parents hotel downtown and all went to dinner with Jess and her mom that night.
On Sunday night Jess, Logan, Matthew, and I watched fireworks from the bridge downtown. It's good having friends so close. It's amazing what a little community will do to your spirit.
I'm going to try and space photos out over a few posts but here are some I took on my phone this past weekend! Another update coming soon! (the next time I can get somewhere to use the internet.)


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