Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This past Saturday we went to my cousins gorgeous plantation wedding. The wedding was up on a mountain right down the road from my grandparents house. The view from the house was breathtaking. If I'm going to be honest, living in other states in the U.S. sometimes made me want to think less of where I grew up. Now, even with its flaws, I see things from a different perspective. I love that little town I call home. I love the history, I love the charm, and I love the southern culture that will, at times, drive you insane. On Sunday we spent the day with my Mom's family. We celebrated the recent engagement of one of my other cousins along with my mom & aunt's birthdays. Our little road trip home was just what we needed. I feel refreshed and thankful.
My intent was to make this post more about what went through my mind over the weekend but every time I sat down to write nothing would come out. Maybe next time i'll be feeling more poetic & thoughtful.


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