Friday, July 29, 2011


Here is the run down on my week: It was slow. Really S L O W.
My computer died on me because my battery is shot (thank goodness for the ipad). It will work as long as it is plugged in but there is a problem when the power cord goes out too..
Next, half of our family is in San Francisco. Awesome right? Bad thing is that we could have gone too if we didn't move. Jobs ruin everything right? ;)
AND j and logan went to bon iver last night.. Without us!.. I guess I can't blame them.
I know what youre thinking.. And this is not supposed to be a 'Debbie downer post. I'm actually pretty optomisic at the moment. Today is Friday and who doesn't love Fridays? :)

Since I'm not on my computer to upload any pretty pictures here is a video of the Givers I watched today. It is so happy! I have fallen in love with them. Every song is good but my favorite this week? Go Out At Night. Enjoy! Happy a happy weekend! :)

Introducing: Givers from The Line Of Best Fit on Vimeo.


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