Saturday, August 13, 2011


Matthew & I have spent the past few days hanging out with my mom and sister. I had not seen my sister since we went to visit Alabama in March because she has been working a children's camp all Summer. We had a really great time together doing things we would do back home. I'm so glad they came.
After this past week & a half, it would be an understatement to say we were tired. We spent our Saturday afternoon on the couch, in our P.J.'s, watching Mansfield Park. (I'm on a "time periods" movie kick.)

We thought that our evening would consist of Chinese take out, another movie at home, and a glass of wine. Instead, we got the sudden urge to go to Tazikis Greek restaurant downtown. This was the best decision we made all day. We sat in the restaurant on the 2nd floor, listened to coffee house on XM radio (Which played some of my favorites.. Amos Lee, Civil Wars, David Gray, and a little DMB which made me smile at the thought of old memories.) we were given a FREE piece of chocolate cake, and ate the best Lamb Gyro I have had in years. It was one of those nights you want to describe the way you feel in a million ways but can only come up with the simplicity of "good". We just felt good. We walked around downtown a little bit, ended up getting candy from the old general store, and headed back home. I like nights like tonight.


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