Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Every year around this time I wear long sleeves & buy Candy Corn in hopes that Fall will come sooner than It should & every year around this time I sweat in my long sleeves.
There is nothing better than getting to wear long sleeves and shorts though.. That was always my outfit of choice to wear to class during the Fall semester.

I know this may be a little premature and all but cool weather, fires in the fireplace, pretty color leaves, &  a new cozy wardrobe is all I have talked about this past week (Just ask Matthew, he's heard every bit of it.) You can just feel that we are on the brink of it. The weather has cooled off teasing us all because Im sure the heat will return in a week or so. (Buying "fall" smelling candles hasn't helped.)

Every year around this time something inside of me desires change. I'm glad God created seasons. It always gives us something to look forward to. *Sigh. It just makes me happy.

P.S. Did I mention my friend Sandra made a surprise visit Sunday night? We had coffee at this coffee shop I had been wanting to go to. It is indeed my new favorite spot.

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