Thursday, August 4, 2011


Last night Jess, Logan, and I went to Volkswagen's nature park. The boys rode their mountain bikes while Jessica and I "hiked". This little adventure is becoming our weekly tradition. I really enjoy spending time with them. It's amazing how different our lives have changed since we moved. Having friends near by makes the biggest difference in the world. I'm thankful for that today. I know good friends are not easy to come by and I have an abundance of them. Just thinking about it overwhelms me with the graciousness of God. He is so good to us.
There are still a few things we miss about the first place we called home together and of course we miss having Matthew's parents around. Good thing they are coming to visit this weekend! Hooray! It seems like its been months since we have seen them. Matthew and I have had fun planning what we are going to do with our visitors in our new city.

Last night I told Matthew I felt "moody anxious." His reply: "that sounds scary." I laughed. Thankfully I no longer feel that scary way. Today I just feel good inside. Really really good.
This is going to end up being a random post but I want to share a few sites from around the web that I found good/interesting/fun this week. Enjoy! and  have a happy Thursday!

5 Wonderful Links:
  1. I really want to make THIS from the Pioneer Women.
  2. I loved THIS study on packaging design.
  3. I really enjoyed THIS post from Joanna Goddard about little girls.
  4. I gonna let you in on where I get my cute desktop backgrounds HERE. Thank me later ;)
  5. And HERE is my Pinterest page. I'm not sure why I have not shared it yet.
P.S I've said this to myself a million times but I am ready for Fall! Eek!
Found here. A little Fall inspiration.


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