Tuesday, August 23, 2011


On one of my recent job applications I got asked this question:
"Do you possibly want to go back to school one day to receive a Masters degree?" 
My response: "Maybe"...Not "yes".. and not "no".. but "maybe."

Meaning.. it made me feel a little better about myself saying this. I mean I couldn't say no? That response would make me look like an unmotivated underachiever right?..
They don't know me. I may have, for one second, really thought "maybe" but then that thought just makes me laugh. Oh the things we do to make ourselves feel better.

I told Davis Ann this via text and here is her response:
Davis Ann: 'Bahahahaha so typical :) Sarah thinks dreamy to herself "a masters? sure.. i could do that someday..." subsequent mental image: listening to an awesome Pandora station while studying at an awesome coffee shop or walking around a beautiful campus in the Fall with pretty leaves & a cool outfit drinking a pumpkin latte..'

Ha. She nailed it. It is also the exact picture I have when I think of my college days that are so far gone..
I guess I forget about all the work I had to do ;)

In conclusion to all of this: I am now receiving 10 calls a day about getting my MBA.
Lesson learned. Those jobs sites... they'll get you.

In other news there is a link I'd like to share with you today....
clink HERE! to see the "projects" I've been working on.
Happy Tuesday! (Although it feels like it should be Wednesday.. such a bummer)


Isabella Kiss said...

you make those? they are so beautiful! what bold colors! lovely!

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