Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm in love with this song by Ben Howard this week. Don't you just love randomly stumbling upon new artists? Matthew and I have spent the evening watching different videos of him. His voice is kind of mesmerizing. Too bad his new album does not come out till October. AND you cannot get his EP on the U.S. itunes store? I mean really? Who knew there were separate itunes stores for different countries? Not me. (But maybe I'm just behind the times and everyone else knows that BUT me?) Boo. I know I will be purchasing it somehow though. Just one more thing to look forward to this Fall.
Have a happy Friday! :)

Here are a few links to go into the weekend with:
1.You should check out Ben's song 'Gracious' It's another good one.
2. PoppyTalk Handmade is so great. Take a LOOK at the 'In Love' necklace by Laurel Denise.
3. Loved THIS dainty bracelet I saw via Pinterest on Etsy.
4. If you are looking for a good worship band check out United Pursuit Band... 'Live At The Banks House' has been my go to for the past month or so. (Literally listen to it everyday.)


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