Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Small life update: This past weekend Matthew's parents came to visit. I am so glad we got spend time with them! Overall it was relaxing, refreshing, and fun.
Today my sister Ray is coming up to stay with us and my Mom is joining her on Thursday. Matthew & I are calling this week "Family Week 2011". Now if only our other 4 siblings & my Dad were coming too the week would be complete.

The past few morning I have woken up feeling like I should be able to walk out on our porch and enjoy the cool crisp air. The season has already changed in my dreams at night & It's making my body confused. (Random fact about me you may not know: I remember my dreams almost every night.. & they are always very detailed.) Iv'e been watching the Emma miniseries from the BBC. The beautiful Fall scenes on the show probably are not helping. Thanks to my sweet husband for buying it for me on Amazon :) Happy Wednesday!
(Matthew's parents bought me these flowers from the Farmers Market on Sunday, aren't the pretty!?!)


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