Wednesday, August 24, 2011


3 things I'm thankful for this morning:
1. God's grace & mercy & that He leads me into all truth Psalm 25:4&5, Psalm 51:6, & John 16:13
2. My husband who makes coffee for me every morning! (This makes me such happy girl.)
3. My BFF who spends the night with us sometimes and who makes me giggle by leaving a tub of icing in 'her room' on the floor every time she spends the night.

(and 4. Such supportive friends & family.. It's more than a blessing than I think i'll ever grasp)

I'm working on this wreath for our door this Fall. I'm still going to add things but I like the direction it's going. I thought I'd share because I know my Mom would like to see it even if no one else ;)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Fash Boulevard said...

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